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Huntington Beach Concrete Foundation

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A concrete foundation is a must for any construction project. Concrete foundations strengthen the structure. These ensure it withstands any harsh weather.

Since it is important, it is wise to have it done by a professional concrete contractor. The risks of doing it yourself are fatal and can’t be ignored.

Dedicated Concrete Foundation Contractors in Huntington Beach

An experienced concrete contractor like us knows how to make strong foundations that are guaranteed to last. At Huntington Beach Concrete Pros, we have handled hundreds of concrete foundation jobs so you can trust us to handle yours too.

Don’t take chances with your investments.

Give us a call on (714) 942-4406 and let us give you a strong, durable foundation.

Only an expert contractor will guarantee the safety of your structure. Unprofessional contractors often offer unreliable concrete services.

Types of Concrete Foundations

Concrete foundation comes in three types, namely, T-shaped, slab-on-grade, and frost protected.

Slab-on-grade Foundation

A slab-on-grade foundation uses a concrete slab, which is usually made a few inches thick. The edges of the slab are done thicker during pouring to make the footing. This thickness is achieved by pouring more ready mix concrete at the edges. The thick edges are strengthened by reinforcing rods.

The concrete slab is then laid on the crushed gravel. Cracking, which is common in concrete, is reduced by casting mesh wire into the slab.

T-shaped Foundation

If you are putting up a structure in a place where land freezes, then this is the type of foundation to be used. To construct this foundation, a footing is placed below the frost line. This footing has to be wide to support the base of the foundation. The walls can then be added on top of the foundation.

A T-shaped foundation will be placed and allowed to cure. After curing, the walls will be constructed and ready to mix concrete used to pour the slab in between the walls.

Frost Protected Foundation

This type of foundation works best with heated structures.  A frost-protected slab requires experience and expertise.

Talk to us at Huntington Beach Concrete Pros today for a strong frost-protected foundation, dial (714) 942-4406.

To construct a frost-protected foundation, two polystyrene sheets are used for insulation purposes. One sheet is laid at the base of the wall while the other is placed on the outside of the foundation. With the sheets holding heat from the structure, heat loss is prevented, keeping the temperature around the footing above freezing point.

Hire Hunt

Yes! You should. Here are the reasons why you should have us working on your concrete foundation.


Only a professional can ensure your safety and that of your property. Trying to lay a foundation on your own is risky. One could easily get injured if they are not professional bricklayers. Don’t take risks, contact us, and we will take the risk to ensure you are safe.


If you are not a professional bricklayer or mason, it will be hard for you to come up with a budget for your foundation on your own. You might end up overspending on unnecessary things since you don’t have any construction experience. A professional can help you come up with a good budget that will help you save some cash.

Give us a call today at Huntington Beach Concrete Pros, dial (714) 942-4406  for all your needs in your concrete foundations in Huntington Beach.

We offer affordable and quality concrete services.