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Huntington Beach Concrete Pouring

this is an image of the concrete pouring in huntington beach california

Concrete pouring is one of the most important jobs as far as constructing, repairing, or renovating a structure is concerned. It forms an integral part of the job description, involving onsite concrete pouring in almost every step during the construction process. Though mixing and pouring cement mortar may sound easy for many, in reality, it is one of those jobs which requires topmost precision. A simple error in the mixing ratio can lead to a poor foundation, leaking roof, or a cracking walkway.

Huntington Beach Top Choice Concrete Pouring

We at Huntington Beach Concrete Pros, are always 100% attentive while performing our mixing and concrete pouring jobs on your projects.

We are the topmost concrete pouring service providers in the Huntington Beach area, and to know why to get in touch with us at (714) 942-4406.

Concrete Pouring – What do we do?

As soon as you decide on working with us and give us a call, one of our expert concrete pouring colleagues will meet u with you to have a look at the site area. After the inspection, our concrete contractors will give an idea of what we are going to do to meet your expectations on the project and the costs involved as well. After reaching a mutual agreement, we will start working on your project on a step-by-step basis.

Step 1 – Site Cleaning

Leveling is the first thing we do while preparing your site prior to construction. Our helpers clean the site by removing weeds, plants, tree roots, and stones. If your site has any stubborn obstacles such as blocks of rocks or strong deep tree roots, which can’t be removed manually, we will use our earthmoving equipment to perform the job. Once raw earth is exposed, we will create a granular sub-base to ensure the surface remains even while pouring. Sub-base also plays a vital role in curing concrete quickly and effectively.

Step 2 – Forms Placement

Once the sub-base is ready, we will begin installing forms into which the concrete mix is poured. In general, we make use of wooden forms for residential projects. Other forms made of metal or plastic can also be used depending on the project. Whichever forms we use, we make sure that they remain intact and there is ample lot of drainage to allow water to flow underneath during the curing process.

Step 3 – Concrete Placement

Once the forms are set in place, our experts determine the ratio of the concrete mix that best suits the climatic conditions of the area in which the site is located. If your site is located in a place where the temperature often runs low, entraining admixture may also be added into the mortar to prevent scaling. Also, depending on the location, our experts may decide to go with manual pouring or make use of the pumping machine to pump up the mixture into the site area. Our skilled professionals will be working on leveling the surface simultaneously while concrete pouring is under process to avoid the formation of air pockets.

Step 4 – Finishing

Floating is just enough if all you need is a rough finish. In such cases, running a broom across the surface of wet concrete pavers will achieve the objective. However, if you are after a smooth finish or a stamped finish, depending on your requirements, troweling can be done using steel trowels.

Step 5 – Curing

Once your favorite concrete finishing is done, the surface is now allowed to rest while it cures. The curing process can last as long as 28 days depending on the work done, however, the first 48 hours are of prime importance irrespective of the structure constructed. Our experts suggest that you use top quality chemical sealers to avoid any stains and discoloration of the surface.

Above mentioned is just a brief of the procedure we follow to ensure that our concrete pouring aligns well within your project requirements.

To find out more about our expertise in this field and to ask for a free quote, please call us at (714) 942-4406 and we will be with you in a jiffy!