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Huntington Beach Flagstone Patio

this is a picture of Huntington Flagstone Patio

If you are thinking of giving your outdoor an upgrade flagstone patio is a way to go. Flagstone patios have been used for a long time to make homes amazing. This type of patio is guaranteed to give your home a whole new look. Finding a good patio contractor to install this type of patio is not easy.

That is why you should talk to us Huntington Beach Concrete Pros for reliable Huntington Beach flagstone patio installation services, Call us at (714) 942-4406 for free quotes.

One of A Kind Flagstone Patio

Flagstone patio, unlike other options like cement patio, allows water to seep through instead of running off.  This makes the floor dry on rainy seasons, reducing the chances of slipping and falling. , Limestone, Sandstone, and slate are some of the most common types of flagstones.

A flagstone patio can be amazing if installed by an experienced patio contractor. Without experience and expertise in installation, the results can be disappointing. To avoid such situations, reach out to us, and we will make sure the patio is installed to your satisfaction.

Layouts and Patterns

We can modify flagstones to achieve a formal or informal patio pattern as per your preferences. With options like a cement patio, you can't achieve any specific pattern. That’s why flagstone patios are gaining popularity in the construction industry.

Formal patterns require well-cut flagstones at uniform sizes. The stones are then laid in a regular repeating pattern. For informal ones, the flagstones with different sizes and shapes are laid irregularly. Such decorative concrete works require a reputable contractor who knows what he is doing.

Regular Pattern Design

If you are looking for a formal look on the patio, then this design will work for you.  This design ensures there is continuity between the joints to achieve an organized look. The surface is smoothened when mortar is applied. This makes it easier to move furniture around. Being a reputable concrete contractor, we handle all your projects in the shortest time possible.

Talk to us on (714) 942-4406 if you want your patio ready ASAP.

Irregular Pattern Design

This design is used when a casual, organic look is to be achieved. With this design, the natural shape of the stone is not cut away like in the above design. Although it seems easy to install this type of design, it is advisable to seek help from a concrete contractor with experience.

Trying on this type of concrete work can have serious consequences. At Huntington Beach Concrete pros, we are ready to serve you talk to us if you are not sure of anything.

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