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Huntington Beach Retaining Wall

this image shows Huntington Beach Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a rigid wall constructed for a variety of purposes, like controlling the movement of soil in a compound. For people with rather sloppy yards, for example, retaining walls would suffice for them in a bid to retain their compound’s soil at different levels. In Huntington Beach, if you are looking for retaining wall contractors to construct one for your landscaping needs, to demarcate different areas on your compound, or for soil erosion control, contact Huntington Beach Concrete Pros.

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About Huntington Beach Concrete Pros

Huntington Beach Concrete Pros is a team of pros who understand the ins and outs of the concrete and masonry world. As a company with years of experience handling tons of such projects as stone masonry and concrete works, we can assure you that we are the perfect match for you. Call us today for retaining walls, foundations and slabs, floors, driveways, pool decks, driveways, and many others.

Retaining Wall Contractor Huntington Beach

If you are looking for experts in constructing retaining walls in Huntington Beach, you came to the right people. We are the right fit for your project and will use our decades of experience to make sure that you get your desired results. The only things we would need from you are details are your project, deliverables, and your expectations, and we shall be set to go.

Types of Retaining Walls

  • Gravity Poured - This type of wall is constructed in a way that it may lean back towards the retained soil to make sure it can resist extra pressure from the soil or runoff water.
  • Semi-Gravity - As the name says, it is semi-gravity in design with tension reinforcing steel added to reduce the wall’s thickness.
  • Diaphragm - Such a wall is a stiff and generally watertight one and is usually used in urban constructions where they are needed extensively.
  • Cantilevered - This wall is usually constructed using cast-in-place concrete (or sometimes mortared masonry may be used) and internal stems of reinforced steel. It also requires a rigid concrete footing.
  • Counterfort - The wall type is similar to a cantilevered one only that it has thin vertical and concrete webs created at consistent intervals on the backside.
  • Bored Pile - This is a retaining wall made using an arrangement of bored piles (which explains the name). Excavation is required to get excess soil away and create space in the ground.
  • Sheet Piling - This wall is usually built-in tight spaces and soft soil. During construction, sheet piles consisting of aluminum, steel, wood, fiberglass, or vinyl are driven into the ground to boost firmness.
  • Anchored - An anchored retaining wall can use any of the styles of the above wall types. However, it requires additional strength, which is provided by cables.

The wall type that you choose is dependent on your needs. Huntington Beach Concrete Pros can handle any of your retaining wall needs, whether you need one for your small yard or for large commercial fields.

Hire Experience Retaining Wall Contractors Huntington Beach

Do not gamble with your investment by contracting contractors whose reputation is not verifiable. Speak to a trusted name, Huntington Beach Concrete Pros, and get service delivery with a difference and value for your time and money. We are just a call and will also offer you a free site assessment and a free quote once you contact us.

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