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Huntington Beach Stone Veneer

this iamge shows stone veneer huntington beach

Stone veneer means installing stones over a structure that is already there to give it a better look. It does not mean building a structure from the stones. Initially, landscaping of walls was done with stones. However, nowadays, the stone veneer has become popular as it is cost-effective as well as emulates the real stone very well. If you too are planning to have a stone veneer installed and looking for a local concrete contractor of high repute, call Huntington Beach Concrete Pros a call at (714) 942-4406 and ask for available options.

Stone Veneer in Huntington Beach, CA

A veneer is a thin coating that we apply on any surface. It is done to conceal the old look of the surface and it a more advanced, polished, and new look. Stone veneer improves the overall look and value of the area. These are primarily made of Portland cement mixed with iron oxide pigments to get the desired shade.

Being an artificial product, stone veneer is available in various sizes, shapes, textures, designs, and molds to suit your taste. Moreover, they are very light in weight and easy to install too.

We take the utmost care while selecting a stone or a mold to make the stone veneer. We make sure that all the natural-looking ingredients, be it the texture, color, or the roughness, each and every minute detail is well emulated. This is the reason you will cherish getting a Huntington Beach stone veneer installed at your home by Huntington Beach Concrete Pros for life.

Types of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer has become one of the most commonly used materials for decoration. The reason being, faux stone is easily available. The following are the two main types of stone veneer:

Natural Stone Veneer

As the name itself suggests, it is made up of natural stone. Large stones are picked from quarries and are cut into different regular sizes. Being cut from original stone, natural stone veneer we supply possesses all the qualities of natural stone. Be it the pleasant earthy colors, texture, the groves, or hardness, it is all there. Moreover, the chances of colors getting faded or the stone getting cracked by itself are almost nil. We install it with precision so that they may last for decades.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

If you are looking for something that looks as natural as stone yet will cost less, this is the best alternative for you. These veneers are manufactured using Portland cement. Presently, they are the most popular form of stone veneers as they are very light in weight, available in various shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. Moreover, they are very light in weight as compared to the natural stone veneer. Most importantly, they emulate all the qualities of natural stone yet they cost very less.

Both types are equally popular and have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. However, if the stone veneer is well installed, it will definitely last for long, irrespective of the type. The quality of stone veneer Huntington Beach Concrete Pros recommend is superior and is sure to satisfy all your needs, be it looks or be it budget. Thinking stone veneer, give us a call at (714) 942-4406 immediately.